Black Mamba, Outlaw (555) and the RY8 E-liquid Reviews

Pink Spot Vapors New E-liquid Bottle

Today, we’re going to talk a little more about the Black Mamba e-liquid from Pink Spot Vapors. Just looking at the juice bottle, it looks like they have new labels that just look fantastic. I’ve heard they also do some customization to your label on request. Anyhow, this drink inspired e-liquid is made of blackberries, cranberries with a dash of citrus. When you vape this e-juice blackberry is the dominate flavor along a splash of cranberry and citrus. Typical of Pink Spot Vapors juice, expect nice vapor production. Even-though a nice throat hit is also expected from their juices, as we’re mentioned before, it seems that an e-liquid nicotine that has a citrus flavor seem to have a stronger throat hit. This is a very refreshing juice! Did we mention they send you little gifts when you purchase e-liquids from them? ;)

Another juice we like to cover and we’re excited about is their Outlaw (555) of course, a 555 USA made e-juice inspired by the original 555 e-liquid however much higher quality and better tasting. I would describe it as a sweet, nutty tobacco flavor. I am personally not a huge fan of plain tobacco e-liquid flavors that’s why I really like this juice. You can taste the sweet tobacco on the inhale as well as the exhale as well as, I can’t put my finger on it but I think its hazelnut. For a change I decided to go with 24 mg nicotine and it’s quit satisfying. I’m huge fan of classic e-liquid flavors redone by high quality flavoring and ingredients with some times special twists.

This brings us to the RY8. As the name implies it’s a RY4 inspired e-liquid. I just love RY4 juices because it reminds me of getting my first eGO kit and the kit came with four pre-loaded cartridges of RY4. It’s a complex tobacco flavor originally made by the Chinese and I believe that the first person that made it has gone off with the recipe. The RY8 has gone bolder with the flavors and it’s a hit. I would describe it as a sweet, caramel, tobacco flavor that’s an all day vape for me. When I get tired of the fruity juices I switch it up with the RY8. Yet another excellent vape!

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