E-liquid Reviews: Outlaw 555 is simply unreal to me.

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I cant describe the level of embarrassment i feel when saying that i havent tried your liquid until yesterday. I havent touched a thing since. Outlaw 555 is simply unreal to me. I also have had the Frozen Lime Drop, and PinkSpot and they are also steller liquids. For someone like me, a creature of habit and someone who only vapes a couple loyal flavors and has tried a hundred or so…that is epic. I cant wait to get more from you.

I used to actually smoke themalot about 20 yrs ago when in Vietnam and would occasionally get them when i could from a cigarette importer also. i hadnt had one in almost 17yrs and when looking for a good tobacco, and my first pink spot juice, Penn recommended it to me since he liked it and was actually vaping it at the moment. Its fair to say that tastes can be stored in the far reaches of your brains memory because the moment i tasted it, it took me back to the original 555 i had many yrs ago. I got all the flavors my brain remembered and loved, without the “smoke”. Its fair to say that it is actually better than the real thing to me. Nutty, Full, Sweet Tobacco….DELICIOUS. I honestly havent put it down since i got the first bottle and have vaped almost 15mls in a day and a half. I had them hold a second bottle because i knew i would love it and not want to run out. Its now a staple juice in my lineup. A MUST HAVE FOR TOBACCO LOVERS…PERIOD.

- Mark @ Facebook.

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