E-liquid Reviews Pink Spot Vapors Custom Flavor Orange Cream Soda

E-liquid Reviews brings you something new from Pink Spot Vapors that hasn’t been covered before. Wanted to do a review today on Orange Cream Soda or AKA Orange Soda Float from Pink Spot Vapors. I’ve always loved Orange Soda Floats. Therefore, we contacted Pink Spot Vapors to see if they could make us a custom Orange Cream Soda E-liquid flavor and I was happy to hear that they were going to make me a custom flavor and shoot it off to me when it was done. So they hooked me up with a sample 30 ML bottle.

Let’s take a look at exactly what we’re working with. The flavor as mentioned a second ago, it’s an Orange Creme Soda flavor, 18 mg nicotine that’s going to provide a decent throat hit with most juices using pretty much any device and a PG/VG mix. All of their juices are ready to vape as soon as you get them and this was no exception. What we had it loaded it up is a 3 ohm Boge cartomizer on a 5 volt mod with Derlin flat head drip tip.

After taking a few toots off of this juice the flavor has a nice subtle orange taste with a nice amount of creamy flavor to it along with a full flavor Pink Spot Vapors is known to produce. For the vapor production is crazy mad. What good is a juice if it doesn’t produce massive vapor? This flavor is not on their site yet, however keep your eyes peeled on their site. If you like orange soda flavor you will just love this e-liquid. We hope you enjoyed this post by e-liquid reviews.

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