Honey Cured Tobacco E-Liquid Review

The next review on e-liquid reviews…We were going to do is one of their tobacco flavored e-liquid. Its called Honey Cured Tobacco and I was fascinated with this because I like honey e-liquid. I’m a huge fan of this e-juice because, let me take a puff and remind myself why I’m like this juice so much…bizarre feeling..in a good way. This tastes exactly like a cigarette. If you are looking a cigarette flavored vape, Honey Cured Tobacco, Pink Spot Vapors is a cigarette flavor. It’s surprisingly accurate. I would recommended this e-liquid if you’re looking for a realistic tobacco flavor, or you’re switching over from cigarettes to vaping and you want ease your transition. This e-liquid comes in in 6 mL, 10mL, 20mL and 30 mL bottles with various nicotine levels such and no nicotine, low 12mg, medium 18mg, high 24mg and extra high 36mg strength.

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